Holiday Landscaping Tips to Make Your Yard Merry and Bright

The holidays are nearly here, which means that many homeowners are scrambling to get their houses ready to host loved ones from near and far. While you might be focused on decorating the interior of your home -- like the banisters, the mantle, and (of course) the tree -- you can't afford to forget about the exterior. Landscaping is always essential, as it can bring a recovery value of 100% to 200% when you sell your home. But during the holiday season, great landscaping can set the whole tone for your celebrations. Here are some simple ways to haul out the holly and spread holiday cheer in your landscaping this year.

  • Start Early: This time of year tends to be stressful. There are so many things to take care of in such a short period of time. You'll be shopping for gifts, cleaning the house, cooking a huge meal, and spending lots of time with your friends and family. It's easy to see why landscaping projects tend to go on the back burner. But if you start decorating early, you'll alleviate some anxiety. You'll be able to take your time, rather than rush through. Plus, if you get it done early, you'll have more time to actually enjoy how your property looks -- an instant mood-booster!
  • Focus on Landscape Lighting: In the wintertime, you'll need ample outdoor lighting along walkways and around your door. After all, the days are shorter now and LED lighting can ensure visitors feel welcomed and safe. But if you're looking for an easy way to make your yard look festive, you may not need to seek out the professionals for landscaping Greenville residents like you count on during the rest of the year. Just switch out your plain bulbs for some colorful ones in red and green in certain locations to instantly bring a smile to everyone's face. Of course, you'll want to string up some holiday lights, too. Use these on existing trees in your yard or on your front porch in whatever color scheme pleases you.
  • Fill Your Planters: Once the seasons start to change again, the most qualified experts in landscaping Greenville has to offer can come to your property to devise a landscape planting design. But during this time of year, you probably won't have much in bloom. Those planters that once held beautiful flowers might look a little forlorn. But don't store them away just yet! As long as they can withstand the winter weather, you can fill them with seasonal foliage like boughs from evergreen trees, birch tree branches, berries, and pine cones, as well as colorful plastic ornaments, bows, and lights to make festive floral arrangements. You can do the same with your window boxes, too. This can brighten up your yard immensely and make your property look truly special.
  • Deck the Front Entrance: Your front door welcomes people inside, so it's important to make it as cheery as possible. Whether you opt for a large wreath, garlands around the porch railing, or little potted pine trees flocking either side of the door, these natural elements will impress your guests and instantly get them in the mood to celebrate. Feel free to get creative here, as it's an excellent way to encourage your neighbors to decorate and make your neighborhood awash in yuletide merry-making.

Of course, you can DIY many of the aforementioned tasks. But if you really want your yard to stand out this holiday season, you might want help from the best resource for landscaping Greenville can provide. For more information on how we can improve the look of your yard year-round, contact us today.

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