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Presidential Gardens: From Washington’s Roses to Obama’s Vegetables

How do presidents relax in their down time? Some golf. Some run. And others tend to a garden. Of course, they have a little help from landscapers and horticulturists. Which one would you ‘elect’ as your favorite gardening-President? George Washington  -  At Mount Vernon,  the president planted so many roses that it took 12 days…
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Four Ways Landscape Design Can Benefit Your Home

Creating an eye-catching lawn is an important part of establishing your home’s uniqueness and individuality in the neighborhood. It’s important to have the brightest lights at Christmastime, right? The same thing goes for your flowers, your trees and your general plant decorations all year round. But luxury landscape design can actually have practical applicability for…
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The Eco-Friendly Appeal of Professional Landscaping

The creation and maintenance of a rich, vibrant landscape takes considerable knowledge, skill, and minute attention to detail. Professional landscape designers do a lot more than transplant trees, fertilize lawns, and trim shrubbery; they must observe and study each aspect of a property, and propose the most ideal solutions to bring out the unique potential…
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