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Get Your Garden in Shape For Spring With These 4 Tips

In many parts of the country, the signs of spring are everywhere. But if your yard is looking ragged from winter weather, those welcome seasonal changes might not have their desired effect on your property. A dry, sparse lawn and sad-looking shrubs won't add much value to your home or bring you much joy. Fortunately,…
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Patio Pavers: The Different Types and Their Benefits

With summer on its way, you're likely looking forward to spending a lot of time outdoors in your yard. You'll be able to enjoy barbecues, family parties, and warm evenings right outside your door. That is if you have an attractive patio setup. Around 67% of all U.S. landscaping projects involve single family residences, and…
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Al Fresco Dining at Home: Tips to Prep Your Backyard

Considering that 60% of potential home buyers say a well-landscaped yard influences their property purchasing decisions, it should come as no surprise that we value our green spaces. As temperatures start to warm up over the next few months, you and your family will probably want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. And…
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What Are Some Easy Ways To Boost My Home’s Curb Appeal?

When homeowners think of luxury landscape design, they often think of large landscaping changes where the grass is uprooted and stone slate is planted instead. However, luxury landscape design doesn't have to mean making huge changes to your yard. In fact, spending as little as 5% of the total value of your home can not…
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