4 Popular Landscaping Projects You Can Tackle this Winter

Many gardeners and lovers-of-lawns feel saddened by the approach of winter. With cold weather comes rain and snow, and fewer opportunities to take on popular landscaping projects. The lawnmower goes to storage, and the hose freezes up, and the winter blues begin.

However, contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of projects you can tackle with your landscaping company during the winter. Here are just a few ways to make your outdoor space more beautiful and more functional even in chilly weather:

Popular Landscaping Projects for the Winter

1. Attract Birds and Friendly Wildlife

Though butterflies and flowers may disappear in the winter, other backyard inhabitants are year-round residents. Bring appeal to your winter yard by inviting feathered visit with a bird feeder display. You can spend an afternoon building and setting up new bird baths, shelters, and feeders that work with the natural environment. Remember to keep feeders near the shelter of other trees or shrubs so birds can stay warm and out of sight from predators.

2. Focus on Hardscaping

After the leaves fall, you may be more aware than ever of your yard's basic structure. Lack of foliage in the winter creates the perfect opportunity for you to evaluate what areas need more hardscaping. Consider adding benches, patios, landscape walkways, or gazebos to help your space look inviting and balanced year-round. You can even add a sheltered fire pit for outdoor wintertime enjoyment!

3. Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

Winter brings not only colder temperatures, but shorter days. Though your home may look nice by daylight, evening landscaping can also boost curb appeal. Consider adding walkway lighting, spotlights for decorative elements, or even timed safety lights if you're itching for a winter landscape project.

4. Don't Forget the Evergreens

Pine, spruce, and fir trees all retain beautiful colors throughout the winter Though commonly a deep green shade, different tree varieties come is stunning gold, red, and even bluish hues. For more wintertime color, plant an evergreen display during warmer months. If it's too late for evergreen planting, you can still incorporate boughs from wild trees for decorating projects. Try filling a wheelbarrow with boughs and string lights for a festive holiday vibe, or place a small potted pine on your porch to add coniferous charm.

While many popular landscaping projects are best accomplished during the spring and summer, you can still improve your yard during the winter. Far more than a summer pastime, good landscaping is a year-round investment. No matter the time of year, spending 5% of your home's value on landscaping can increase the resale value by 15%. For lucrative landscaping ideas or professional landscaping services in Delaware and Pennsylvania, contact Borsello Landscaping today!

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